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The Source Universe is the Primary Universe in which representations of every conceivable reality exist within one infinite space. All possibilities exist within this Universe -- including those who are virtuous to those without directive, to those who are damned. It is up to you to explore and create the stories found within Source. In a world so vast it can be difficult to start, so we have set forth 3 paths for you to choose. This is where the story begins.

Ascendant Path

The Journey of Jericho, The Illusion-Born

 Jericho is the first Human and Akinhu hybrid being, whose birthright is with the Ascension of mankind. Jericho’s was given the title of “Illusion-Born” due to his mysterious upbringing and unknown parents. A terrible incident forced Jericho to discover Truth and realize how very little he actually understands. Jericho must set out on an Epic Journey. His natural affinities are Wynd and Vibration Source. With the power of Wynd, Jericho is capable of calling in the air to disrupting those who get in his way, or call in Vibrational frequency to allow Jericho to always be prepared for whatever he encounters. Discover the depths of the Akinhu and unravel Jericho’s latent and dark powers that hide beneath the surface.


Destined Path

The Comedy of Myrym, Prince of Artikae

Myrym is a Royal Prince from the Kingdom of Artikae. He is a natural user of the Light Affinity originally gifted and harnessed by the Artikae people by an Almighty God-being known as Mazhura. However, he is the only natural user of Cuuno power since Mazhura used its techniques in the Great War before his sacrifice to save and anoint the Artikae people. Destined to become the Sanctii of the Cuuno and eventual King of Artikae he garners the attention of many 'Off the Path.' Myrym is thrust onto a journey that is full of incredible ups, terrible downs, and infinite wisdom to gain. Become or join Myrym and discover the hardships, growth, loss and creation amidst Myrym and his friends.

-A.N.T.I. Path

The Tragedies of those who denied the Way

Those who fell victim to temptations as old as Time, this path follows the creatures, beings, and gods that denied the will of Divine existence and went 'Off the Path' to dictate their own fate. The world is not so black and white, those who appear good prosper in evil and those with a scary leer have the most pure hearts. Uncover the Truth behind the fallen and discover immense powers that thrive on the essence of insanity and corruption, egomaniacs who use special Ki powers unuseable by those still within Command and Control of Divinity.

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